Photography and DVDs service

Photography and DVDs service

NM-AIST has appointed professional photographers for this event. You can easily order both your photos and DVDs (Tsh. 15,000 for DVD and Tsh 3,000 for a CD photo Album) in advance via the Communication and Institutional Partnership (CIPa) Office. The DVD’s and CD’s photo albums will be available three weeks after the graduation (Please Don’t forget! all payments are made through GePG system).

For Personal photographers, the institution has put an order to avoid congestion during the day. private photos will be taken away from the graduation grounds within the campus, this will be done by few private photographers selected to help you keep memory of this historic event upon your agreements. Students who wish to bring their personal photographers are required to inform the department of Communication and Institutional Partnership (CIPa) for recognition.

For ordering photos &DVDs please contact us!


Mobile no: 255 (0)757560 022_ Julius Lenguyana

0255 (0) 767 35 93 38, Peres Muhagaze

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